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We Are

… a best-practice human capital development consulting firm. We tackle the deficiency of career/business skills prevalent among graduates, job seekers and employees, by designing and delivering on-the-button top-notch learning interventions on essential career skills to boost their employability and competence. We also offer our project management service to well-meaning organisations embarking on competency-aligned CSR projects.

We take pride in the ensuing significant increase in productivity within organisations, in the nation and the globe, as we continue to foster collaborative relationships with local, national and international competency experts. We train individuals to become (more) employable and competent; and help organisations attract and retain quality talents. Leveraging on AAIICE (Assessments, Analytics, Industry Insights & Core Expertise), TuneUp offers training, expert advisory and outsourcing, as well as the advantage of recruiting from our pool of well-prepared talents.

We Are Our Values

TThorough – taking pains to do our job carefully and completely

UUpbeat – up, cheerful and optimistic

NNovel – interestingly innovative

EEmpowering – investing strength & confidence in both our people and clients

UUnderstanding – thoughtful and open-minded

PPurposeful – intentional about growth and development

Our Vision / Noble Goal

To become a global organ for boosting career competencies in human capital.

Our Mission

To leverage on strategic assessments, analytics, industry insights and core expertise (AAIICE):

  • in the development and delivery of bespoke learning interventions and consulting;
  • to drive graduate workforce economic access and growth through capacity building facilitations;
  • to foster collaborative relationships with local, national and international employers and communities, which bring about increased productivity and growth in organisations, the nation and the globe.

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