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Staff Competency Audit; Job Analyses

Determining the success of a job depends on unbiased, proper and thorough job analysis that ensures the recruitment and retention of the right people. Through in-depth investigation and a systematic exploration, study and recording of the responsibilities, duties, skills, accountabilities, work environments and ability requirements of each job, we are able to identify and map a perfect fit between the job and its holder, the employee.

While job analysis effectively contributes to the assessment of training needs, and the execution of strategy along performance management guidelines for existing employees, it also assesses/establishes:

• Job Requirements
• Competency Developments
• Job Descriptions
• The foundation of Performance Management
• Training and Development
• Compensation Management
The process forms the foundation for the design, development and implementation of strategies and policies that deliver on organisational goals and objectives.

Training Needs Analyses

Once there is a gap between the KSA of employees of an organisation and the KSA expected of them to meet the organisation’s objectives through their jobs, then our TNA becomes more than necessary.

This critical first step in our training model, helps in the determination of whether organisational, operational (or task), and individual (or person) problems are what training interventions can resolve.

Personal Professional Development Mapping

We help individuals identify and work on their career development growth strategies, which in turn offers them clarity, competence and productivity. We adopt a variety of tools and techniques to achieve this, including relevant/applicable aspects of our assessment and development centres, but also depending on each individual’s particular need at the point in time.

Individual and Group Life Coaching

For a variety of reasons, people would require that external helping hand that guides them through a thought-provoking and creative process, which helps them set and reach their own life goals. Whether they seek happiness and success, wish to (re)discover their strengths and talents, or work towards their version of life balance, we are certified and licensed to lend them the life coach hand.

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