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Recruitment and Talent Pool

Our talent pool feeds into our proactive recruitment initiative which helps us select the right candidates for employers within a shorter time frame. Our structured data gathering from the various participants at our sessions help us to consistently build and manage candidate profiles, including passive and active job seekers.


Our ability and deep experience in working with organisations provide us with uncommon and valuable understanding of these systems. To ensure optimal productivity from new hires and/or employees that were transferred, our on-boarding solutions help to ensure a soft landing for these, as well as support for them towards developing the right competencies for their jobs.

CSR Projects Management

Globalisation, competition, social awareness and government rules and legislation are the broad categories of the drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility for organisations. With many benefits of a CSR programme including employee retention, talent attraction, leadership engagement, positive employer reputation, innovation and learning, risk management or risk reduction, cost saving, etc., having a comprehensive policy will definitely present an advantage to organisations.

We help firms recognise and connect with the human capital side of things, strategically implementing CSR projects that speak directly to the firm’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

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