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Learning Intervention:
Open and In-House Training Sessions

Within an open or public course, the outlook to learn from others is amplified. This promotes learning that is rounded and unbiased, and free of the ‘confrontations’ of a participant’s typical environment. Our Open sessions are open to professionals from diverse industry specialisations. We offer pre-set fundamental competency courses scheduled through the year, based on the popularity and/or the specialisation of the course.

Our in-house option is more bespoke, and content is adapted to the specific need(s) of the participants/organisation. Usually we begin with a Training Needs Analysis (TNA), following our ADDIE Model. Organisations benefit greatly from these in-house sessions as they gain direct insight into solving their own problems and challenges.

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Assessment and Development Centres:
CV, Applications and Interview Clinics

A key part of recruitment is the process of selecting the right people.

While we offer CV, Applications and Interview clinic sessions to individuals, we run assessment centres, during which we combine various tasks and exercises (e.g. role plays, group discussions, presentations, interviews, etc.) designed to examine the extent to which participants’ skills, personality and interests match with particular roles and/or organisations.

We would take further steps to also provide insights into the strengths and development areas of participants. Such identified areas are then usually targeted with suggestions for development activities. The approach can vary, but generally the focus is on development and growth of skills.

Preparing for an Assessment/Development Centre
Tips to Help You 

Your performance needs to be optimal on the day of the Assessment or Development Centre. It would be helpful for you to:

• Rest Well:

The Assessment/Development centre is an exciting day that requires a lot of concentration and energy. Make sure you are well rested.

• Provide/Use Concrete Examples:

For any competency-based interview, the main focus will be on the competencies related to the position you applied for. Provide concrete examples of situations in which you had to deal with the specific competency.

• Reflect:

Conduct your own self-assessment, side-by-side the competency requirements of the position you applied for. Do a good deal of reflection on your qualities and development areas.

Equally great to do is a reflection on your career development. What were key moments, developments? Who or what did you learn from? Any previous relevant learning/experience from internships, volunteering, etc?

Job Placements

From helping unemployed people to find jobs, to providing talents from our pool (and other sources) to employers, our job placement service ensures that the right people are in the right places, doing the right things to forge themselves, their organisations and the nation ahead indeed.


The people at the centre of running the processes and systems of organisations, work-life balance is no longer just a matter of mere conversations.

We help improve people and organisations’ productivity when employees of firms experience suitable timeouts as a group, where our line-up of activities enables to rejuvenate, and reconnect with the course, values and visions of their organisation.

Content Development and Adaptations

Training sessions get more sophisticated than just the instructor-led experience. Developing and delivering customised curriculums and content for clientele come with its own advantage. This level of customisation can be as basic as minor tweaks to the content/course outline to meet our client’s most basic expectations, up to full turnkey solutions. So we deploy our process that identifies the organisational pain points in order to design and create bespoke curriculums and content for execution, and then hand over to the client.

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